What Is A Out Of Body Experience?

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Published: 03rd August 2012
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I'm 24. In the last three or so years I've had a couple of experiences which, while they were scary, made me see that I have an actual soul--A real, tangible soul, not just a metaphorical one. You see, I believe I have had experiences of nearly leaving my body (astral projection in other words).

The first time I was lying in bed and I woke up and saw my sister asleep next to me and then felt my 'soul' leaving my body. It was as if it was being pulled out of my physical body. The experience was terrifying, it was the probably the most scared I've ever been, in fact. What is really quite strange about it though is that at the time I thought it was God pulling my soul out of my body. The reason this is strange is because, although I am baptized Catholic, I'm not in any way a practicing Christian. Anyway, when I thought that God was pulling me out, I felt such terror that in my head I just kept repeating strongly 'NO', 'NO, 'NO' - over and over again, about 10 times. Eventually after the 10 times, I was 'snapped' back into my body. I say 'snapped' because that is the only way I can describe it - it's like I was being pulled by elastic and it was stretched and then let go when I was dropped back into my body.

This happened to me again a year or so later and this time I wasn't as scared (and I'd read up on it a little bit) so I decided to try and 'go with it' to see what would happen. I let my soul go out almost to the point where it was out of my body but chickened out at the last second and said no and again I was snapped back into my body. I think what was holding me back was the idea that if you leave your body and then wake up, you die. I didn't really know how I would get back in if I got out.

These experiences have really intrigued me. I think of myself as a fairly spiritual person; I enjoy yoga, I like poetry, I try to get time on my own to think etc. Sometimes I also feel I am a lot more perceptive than the average person and can be very affected by vibes and people's behavior. I'm not sure if anyone else has had a similar experience of being terrified and feeling their soul leaving their body but I would like to hear about it if so.

Thanks for reading.


I read your story and thought that I would add a little information in the hope that it will help a little. First, you must understand that none of this has anything to do with you religiously. These experiences are of a mystical nature and are connected to all human beings regardless of their beliefs.

Another point that I wanted to make was that this is not your soul that you are experiencing--This is your astral body. With your astral body you explore the Kingdom of Heaven, in western religious terms. As the Soul you are in the Kingdom of God.

Donít get me wrong, everything is God therefore, everything is Godís territory. Using the symbolism of the Tree of Knowledge; think of it as a dividing point between the two Kingdoms. This physical world is outside the Kingdom of God, in the Kingdom of Heaven. And if you were to leave your body and look around you may discover other realms to explore.

When you operate in the territories of the Kingdom of Heaven, you will have the ability to act as you do in this life. In other words, to decide to come and go and also analyze what is happening as you have your various experiences, etc. This will be the case regardless what higher realms or worlds you go to.

What you are experiencing in the astral world is not the Soul. To experience the Soul you have to be closer to God, so you would be on the other side of the symbolic Tree of Knowledge. In this territory you know you are your Soul because there, there is no you to remember or any memory of the world from which you came. When I say this, I mean NOTHING from this world comes with you over there. Not even your present concept of what God is comes with you to this place.

In the Kingdom of God, you just see mentally as a witness. You canít even analyze what is happening to you at the moment everything is taking place. Instead you must wait until you leave the Kingdom of God and return to the Kingdom of Heaven and this physical realm, to contemplate what had happened. In the Kingdom of God there isnít a sense of self. That you acquire at the symbolic Tree of Knowledge on your way back into the physical realms.

For future travels out of body, let your-self go and explore. Donít worry about dying. If you get to experience the Soul, as I have, you will see that the information weĎve received is trueóthe Soul which is our real Self, does last for an eternity.

Even if you leave your body and stay in your room, take advantage of the moment and just sit outside of your body and continue to meditate. Who knows, maybe that will help you to drop the astral body and finally experience yourself as the Soul?

Iíve had an out of body experience and your right it is scary. When I slammed back into my body, I nearly jumped two feet high out of my bed. Remember you are the creator as He has manifested himself as you. There isnít a real you, only the appearance of you, so there is nothing that can hurt you, but your imagination.

Believe this above statement and go learn about whatís out there then find a way to help others to not be afraid of dying and death. Tell your stories and let everyone know that they will always be okay in life and in death.

If you are interested in learning more about how I know this, please feel free to visit my website:


Very Respectfully,

Eric Robert Nielsen
Meditation and Centering Prayer Expert

Eric Robert Nielsen is an Author, Mystic and Centering Prayer/Meditation Expert Purveyor of the The Mystic Post, He is an Author of ďGodís Veil RemovedÖA True Story of Mystical Union with GodĒ.

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